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Utah State Multi Agency Building

Suite of 8 painting panels
84″ x 84″ x 2″ Each


This suite was commissioned by the state for installation on four floors of a building which houses two different agencies. The Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Human Resources occupy either side of a building of four floors. These pieces flank the central elevator lobbies on each of the floors and symbolize the mission and goals of each agency. I tried to present aspects of their mission as symbolic abstractions that would work well in the architecture and present some of the operational/aspirational goals of each, while directing to the entry to each of them.


This work includes images/narratives of human resources like issues pertinent to development of personal identity and career and life direction. This resulted in imagery referencing both the concept of a life path and history of humanity itself with a steward/guardian of that history as in a library in a river. Others follow in that thematic development.


For the DEQ, I presented pieces relevant to outdoor activities in the state of Utah. Places like Flaming Gorge and Strawberry reservoir are presented with other more abstracted images about the quality of wild life and access to it everywhere. One of these pieces is an expansive presentation of all the many varieties of landscape and activities within the state.


2010, Commissioned Works, Painting