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Bright Star, Dark Star, Beginning As It Ends…

Bright Star, Dark Star, Beginning As It Ends…
Fabricated Stainless Steel, Bronze and Utah Sandstone
15’ x 13’ x 5’


This piece was commissioned by the local light rail commuter system for placement on the station that stands in front of the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. The call indicated that they desired something that related to astronomy and I conceived of a collapsing star as represented by a ‘wire grid’ image. The job required some unique structural and clearance considerations. The piece was fabricated of 1″ square tube that is curve formed and laid out to a pattern to attach each bar length to a circular structure ring. This ring is incomplete and with the bars unattached, helps convey the idea of something deconstructing. Disintegrating. A process we have come to more fully understand since the advent of the Hubble telescope which enables us to observe it happening all over the sky/universe. This with the growing body of understanding of how ‘black holes’ work and the net result of them has inspired this piece.


2009, Commissioned Works, Free Standing Sculpture