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Crowds Gathered At The Finish As They…

Acrylic and Pastel on Aluminum Panel
72″ x 48″ x 2″


This piece was commissioned by the owner of the City Creek mixed use development for placement in the elevator lobby of the Regence Apartments on that property. This property is in the center of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and includes a mall, restaurants and condominium/apartment residential units. The elevator of this building goes between the parking and pool on top of the building. So, the client wished to have some kind of reference to that in this piece. I painted something based on a personal experience watching a boat/raft race I once watched on the Rio Grande river around Pilar, New Mexico. I used the concept of an anxious expectant crowd gathered at the finish line to see the outcome of some kind of aquatic activity. I have painted and created other dimensional works around the imagery and concept of that particular race. Along with the human connection to such competitive activities. Both actual and symbolic.


2012, Commissioned Works, Painting