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Newpark 3

Heartbeat Full and Heartbeat Burst
Aluminum, Bronze and Glass with Floor Inlay


This project is an office building in Park City, Utah. It has entry lobbies on two sides of the building and required sculpture treatments in each. I designed a floor inlay pattern of several colors of granite with bronze ribbon outlines and fused glass tiles. For this building I devised a diagonally striped pattern of polished/flamed green granite, with a brown granite tile inlaid randomly within the grid. The tiles are 12” x 24”. The glass tiles are 12” square.


As with the other building in this development, the elevator lobby is centrally located with corridors leading from each entry lobby. For this building I conceived a ‘pond’ form to highlight the elevator waiting space.


The sculptures were designed to install on the wall surfaces facing the doors. For these, I built two pieces consisting of a fabricated curved aluminum grid to which I attached painted aluminum and fused glass plates that conform to the curvature of the grid. Plates were then attached on the front and back surfaces of the grid and structure bars to achieve an overlay depth interaction. For some reason, these pieces reminded me of kind of abstracted cardiac monitoring devices, along with other concepts of emotion and changes we experience from moment to moment.


2013, Commissioned Works, Wall Sculpture