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Cottonwood Corporate Center

Sparkle Pond With Stories
Sandstone, Bronze and Floor Inlay with Pebbles
9’ x 15’ x 30’


This piece was commissioned by a developer/ owner of a series of office building in Salt Lake County. He engaged us to help in the design phase of the office park which eventually resulted with two lobby focal installations and several exterior installations. These included stone and bronze elements around and on the main ID sign, a focal garden installation on one corner three exterior installations along with planting plans for two locations in the park. The office buildings are twin structures adjoined by a shared entry lobby. There are two of these in the park. Each lobby extends to an exterior space on the north side [back] and required seating which was provided by granite blocks in one case and blocks with benches and trellis on the other. One building also included a trellis structure with fabricated benches on the south side along a patio space in the front of one of the buildings. We also designed spaces for two sculptures.


This piece represents a place of gathering and wonder with elements from local Utah landscapes with petroglyphs, fossiles and other imagery that has resulted from the history of this area.



Big Rock Drop
Granite, Bronze, Copper and Floor Inlay
9’ x 35’ x 35’


This piece arose from the fact that we used a river theme in the overall landscape design of the park, that I then incorporated into the buildings by designing an undulating line consisting of different colors or finishes of granite into the floors. This was taken through the entire building and coalesces in the entry lobbies where it is part of the focal sculptural installation. In this case the ides centers on water and an experience from my youth in rafting on the upper Rio Grande river, above Dixon, New Mexico. The granite boulder came from the quarry where the stone cladding on the buildings came from. Other pieces were used in exterior design/installations.


Commissioned Works, Free Standing Sculpture